3 Must-Visit Museums in San Antonio


With summer in full swing, many locals in San Antonio are planning their weekend activities, from making a splash at waterparks to exploring the great outdoors.  Some may be putting on their swimsuits to visit the city’s best water parks, or grabbing their hats and sunglasses for a stroll through a parks and trails. No matter what your interests are, San Antonio offers a diverse set of activities for both adults and children alike, but one thing is shared among all of them: they all take place under the hot summer sun.

While there are plenty of ways to keep cool in San Antonio, sometimes you might want to escape the heat. Perhaps you prefer to stay in the comfort of shade and air conditioning. Or maybe you are seeking an enjoyable activity that also broadens your scope of knowledge.

If this is you, then look no further than a museum. During the hot months, museums all across San Antonio spread their doors wide open. The city is home to a range of institutions devoted to various areas of science, art, and culture. If you want your summer to be fun, cool, and mind-opening, be sure to stop by these museums.


McNay Art Musuem

The McNay, located on the northeastern side of San Antonio, is only a half hour’s drive from Arcadia Ridge, and many argue that the McNay Museum is by far one of Texas’s impressive museums. Home to over 20,000 works of art, the McNay strives to “engage a diverse community in the discovery and enjoyment of the visual arts”. McNay’s collection includes pieces from Medieval and Renaissance eras as well as selections from 19th to 21st century Europe. Some current exhibitions include “Recycled, Repurposed, Reborn”, a collection of paper collages, and “All the Rage in Paris”, featuring the artistic accomplishments of a company that brought theatre to Europe’s life in the early 1900s.

San Antonio Children’s Museum

As an Arcadia Ridge resident, you will not have to travel far to explore the San Antonio Children’s Museum. Now known as the “DoSeum“, this institution offers a wealth of hands-on activities for younger members of the family. The DoSeum strives to educate children by invoking their innate desire to learn through interactive experiences and unique exhibits. The enormous “Big Outdoors” space encourages walking, climbing, crawling and exploration; and the “Innovation Station”, allows children to build and create products from building blocks to simple machines. In addition to normal guest visits, the DoSeum offers birthday party services and school visits.


The Witte Musuem

The name is no accident–you will certainly feel “witty” after visiting the Witte. With a focus on promoting lifelong learning, the Witte offers exhibits that involve natural history, science, and South Texas history. Experience the new Ice Age exhibit where visitors can learn about life during the Earths last Ice Age. Next, take a walk through the B. Naylor Morton Research and Collections Center, which is home to 300,000 historical artifacts. Finally, relive Texas in the 1850s at the South Texas Heritage Center, where stories are brought to life through interactive exhibits.


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