7 Things You Should Do After Moving In To A New Home

Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting process. We compiled a helpful list of reminders for moving into your new home. Before you get into the details of stylizing your home–such as enhancing your master bedroom or transforming your front lawn–there are a few things you should check off your to-do list. Make sure these items are in order to avoid making rookie mistakes, which often come with hefty bills.


  • 1) Change your locks. If your new home had a previous owner, you should hire a locksmith to change the locks and create new keys for you. Why? If you do not change your locks, then it is likely that the previous owner still has an old key (and therefore access) to your house.
  • 2) Call 811. While not as dire as 911, 811 is a number you should keep in your contacts book, especially if you are looking to dig on your property. The Texas 811 is an organization designed to provide homeowners knowledge as to the location of plumbing and piping on their property, preventing unforeseen damage during the digging process. Not only should you utilize this service to avoid a costly mistake, it is also required by Texas law!
  • 3) Check for leaks. It is important to locate leaks as soon as possible and fix them before costs and damages accumulate. Look under sinks, around toilets, in the shower, and any other place you use water-based utilities in your home.
  • 4) Familiarize yourself with utility and emergency controls. Be prepared in the case of an emergency. After arriving to your new home, take some time to locate emergency controls, such as the main water valve and the electric breaker box. As a homeowner you should take time to learn the operation system so you can quickly and efficiently deal with an emergency.
  • 5) Update your official records. Make sure all of your official government records are up to date, especially if you are moving in from out of state. Some prominent examples include car registration records, driver’s license, and voter’s registration.
  • 6) Change your post office mail address. After moving in, you may notice that you don’t receive your usual mail. Chances are the mail is still forwarding to your old address. To prevent this from happening, contact your local post office to ensure your mail is rerouted and forwarded to your new address.
  • 7) “Childproof” your home. Moving in with little ones? Some new homes need child safety measures to prevent personal injuries. For example, make sure you cover all unused electrical outlets with safety plugs to keep children safe from exposure to electricity.


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