Bought a new home? How to make the most out of your move

Purchasing a new home is very rewarding. You have narrowed down your choices, and finally

feel you have the best home for the best value. In your hand you hold the keys to your new

future, where memories will be created to last a lifetime. Here, at Arcadia Ridge, we strive to

make this a reality for every home buyer. The Arcadia Ridge community is focused around

family. The location and community reflect key elements families value including, wide open

spaces, recreation, and quality schools. Arcadia Ridge provides a relaxed setting amongst the

scenic San Antonio landscape for you to call home.


Below are five tips to make the most out of your move:


1. Get familiar with the community. Take some time to introduce yourself to your new

neighbors and explore the trails, walking paths, community pool, and other amenities

within the community. You will truly feel more at home when you are familiar with the

location and accessibility of everything in your area.

2. Know the location of the circuit breaker box and central water valve. Home maintenance

emergencies happen, and can be troublesome if you do not know the location of the

water valve or circuit breaker box. Most often the breaker box is located in the garage

and the water valve can be hidden inside or outside of the home. Go on a scavenger

hunt and find these two essential devices before an emergency occurs.

3. Consider hiring a local moving company. Hiring some extra help may prove more

beneficial than trying to do everything yourself. Leave it to the experts to take on this

chore for you. It can be tough to figure out how to carefully fit the big couch, alongside

your precious breakables in a U-Haul all by yourself. Avoid damaging your furniture,

breaking your dishes, or injuring your back and leave this job to the experts. This will

free up some time for you to focus on other tasks involved with moving.

4. Measure twice! Sometimes the eye will fail us and we may overestimate measurements

that require specifics such as the length and width of a window to hang the curtains, or

the distance between the outlets. Knowing these measurements ahead of time will help

you decide where to put the furniture.

5. Set up services and utilities ahead of time. Setting up your phone, television, internet,

water, gas and electricity before the move will save you the inconvenience of being

settled without the essentials. Experts recommend that you call to make an appointment

ahead of time to ensure that you will have running water, lights that work, and an internet

connection right as you move in. The Arcadia Ridge website has a directory of local

utility providers to help ease your move in process.

Moving into your new home can consume a lot of your time with the planning, packing, and

cleaning that is involved. Use these tips and you will find that moving into your new home could

be a pleasant and joyful experience. You will feel right at home in no time. Arcadia Ridge

provides a sense of comfort from the distractions of life, making Arcadia Ridge a great place to

call home. Check out our new home models from our premier home builders.

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