Enhancing Your Master Bedroom

When you purchase a new home, you will be in charge of making decisions about the overall aesthetic of its interior. While you may wish for functionality and durability with things such as flooring, you may opt for comfort and luxury for your master bedroom. While you may design your home with family or guests in mind, your master bedroom will be the most personal room you own. It serves as a private getaway from the outside world; a haven you can escape to at the end of a long day–a place that truly belongs to you. As such, you want to embellish your master bedroom with a style that is uniquely your own. While there is no correct way of designing a master bedroom, here are some ideas to get you started on creating your masterpiece.


Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most vital components of your master bedroom. After all, you will start and end each day with trips to the bathroom. If it is poorly designed, cluttered, or simply unappealing to the eye, this can reduce your everyday quality of life. On the other hand, walking into a shining, luxurious bathroom can freshen you up in the morning or calm you down in the evening. Master bathrooms are customizable down to the finest detail: you can make sweeping changes with bathtub remodeling, or invest in stylistic cabinets and sinks.


Color Themes

Is your master bedroom feeling dull? A color theme can revitalize the life your room might be missing. Color options and styles are as endless as the rainbow, but common options include themes featuring shades of sharp jet black, earthy brown, or bright, soft cream. The intensity of the color theme is also entirely up to you. You can make your bed the main item that boldly accents the rest of the room, or include rugs, curtains, lamps, and other room decor in the color theme.



Finally, the lighting can drastically enhance the overall aesthetic of your master bedroom. It is generally a good idea to ensure your room can get ample light when you need it it. Beyond that, you are in control of how bright or dark your bedroom is on a daily basis. If you wish to have better lighting in the evening hours, a lamp placed in the right spot can do wonders. Consider installing a chandelier or hanging pendant lights if you seek a more romantic or luxurious look. Adversely, you can furnish your windows with darkening shades if you wish for a dark nap in the middle of the day.


These are only a few ideas on how to design your master bedroom. The options are endless. For more information about planning your new home, contact Arcadia Ridge today.



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