Spruce Up the Home on a Budget

Without a good plan, moving into a new home can be quite costly. The purchase of the house and moving costs can add up quick. Thankfully there are innovative and creative ways to spruce up the home without putting a dent in your wallet. Most of these ideas are simple DIY projects that can be completed relatively quickly.

1 is better than 4

  1. If you are tired of looking at the plain white walls in your home switch it up. Instead of painting an entire room, just accent one wall. Painting one focal wall with an accent color draws attention to that area in the room. You can also further accent the room by painting the insides of a bookshelf or the ceiling a complementary color. If you wanted to go for a bolder look you could paint the ceiling a contrasting color for an edgier decor. Painting one wall instead of an entire room saves you multiple cans of primer and paint as well as time.

It’s all about the green

  1. Adding vegetation in your home in the form of flowers and plants instantly brings a breath of fresh air into your home, as well as value appreciation. Continue on with this theme and include scented potpourri. Potpourri can serve two purposes; it adds personality to the space while freshening up the air in the room. Fresh flowers add a pleasant aesthetic to any room in the home. Frequently replacing wilted flowers with new ones can be expensive, instead look into potted, evergreen alternatives that are sure to add life and beauty to your space.

Fabric! Fabric! Fabric!

  1. It is easy to overlook how important textures are in the home. Sometimes beauty is in the details. Select your favorite fabrics and include them in your home when decorating. The fabrics of pillows, tablecloths, and upholstery can spruce up any room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture and color until you find what pleases you.

Accent it

  1. Add accents in the form of objects. Sometimes all a room needs is an accented object for it to pop. Vases, folding screens, candle holders, bowls, etc. It just takes some pillows or a lamp to liven up a room. People often underestimate the effects an accented object can have on home decor. When adding accents be sure to not go overboard. Less is more; too many vases and pillows can quickly clutter a space.

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