Top 3 Water Parks to Visit in San Antonio

Summers in San Antonio are known to be hot, dry, and lengthy. As early as May, many locals flock to shade and air-conditioned buildings to escape the heat of the sun. Others, however, view the hot months as a time to put on their bathing suits to get wet.

While there aren’t any beaches to visit in San Antonio, the city boasts impressive water parks known around the nation. Whether you wish to launch yourself down thrilling waterslides, or stretch out, relax, and tan by the pool, you are sure to find a park that caters to your desires. Below are three of the most well-known water parks in the San Antonio area—all within close reach of Arcadia Ridge.



Splashtown offers fun for all members of the family with over 50 rides and attractions spread across 20 acres. The park offers many services to its visitors, including free life jackets, free parking, a covered picnic area, and rentable lockers and cabanas.

“Dive-in” movies are a major attraction, where visitors are allowed into the wave pool at sunset to view an outdoor movie showing. Located on the east side of San Antonio, Splashtown is only a half hour’s drive for Arcadia ridge residents.


SeaWorld: Aquatica

SeaWorld’s water park is so expansive that they have given it its own name: Aquatica. The park has plenty to offer both for adults seeking relaxation and children seeking excitement. While Aquatica contains its fair share of lazy lagoons and twisting waterslides, it uniquely incorporates marine life into its rides.

Stingray Falls allows guests to float through an under grotto, where they can view stingrays and other tropical fish swimming in tanks all around them–the only ride of its kind in the world. For a more personal experience, the Stingray Encounter allows guests to wade into a lagoon and touch stingrays, all within a safe environment. On the west side of San Antonio, Aquatica is only a half hour’s drive from Arcadia Ridge.



Easily the biggest of the three, Schlitterbahn is a monster of a water park, offering dozens of rides, attractions, and events spread across four distinct sections. Indeed, thousands of visitors across the state are attracted to Schlitterbahn’s 65 acre oasis each year, full of the state’s most exciting waterslides, relaxing lagoons, and comforting cabanas.

Some examples include the Black Knight, where guests tube through an enclosed, pitch black waterslide, or the Kristal Kove, where you can swim with the family or relax in the shade. Guests even have the option to rent out rooms at a nearby resort for longer vacations at the park. Just outside of New Braunfels, Schlitterbahn’s entertainment is only an hour drive for Arcadia Ridge residents.


These are only a few of the ways to keep cool this summer in San Antonio. For more information about fun and entertainment within reach of Arcadia Ridge, contact us today.

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